Presence by sanchit sawaria from india

designer's own words:

inspiration for the digital art installation came from streaks of
light made by moving cars on highways, which appear as artworks created
by strokes of light never revealing the discreet technical presence
which made this wonderful visual possible.
the digital artwork (projections on screens) triggered by the presence
of audience around starts with strokes of light on walls (inspired by
streaks of light on highways) running, appearing and disappearing
synchronising with reving up sound of the infiniti engine, in between
revealing the discreet presence of technology (through visuals of car
parts) which makes the performance of the car as elegant and graceful as
the light stroke, transforming the movement of the car into an
experience that leaves you moved.
thereby revealing the Inspired Performance philosophy of infiniti
realised by devotion to perfecting movement into art and passion through
discreet presence of technology.
simultaneously there will be simulation of tire tracks (illuminated led
panels) as strokes of light running on the ground again synchronising
with the sound of Infiniti engine which starts soft and delecately
gradually delivering an increasing quantity of gs.
towards the end these tire tracks bifurcate, go around and meet in the
centre to form the Infiniti logo which illuminates the environment.
there will be slight smoke released just above the logo giving it a 3rd
dimension. a gush of wind will be felt by the audience as the tire
tracks trace down the infiniti logo, giving them a feeling of a car
racing past them.
gradually the logo fades and a revolving hologram of an Infiniti car
appears on top of the logo making Infiniti the hero of the show. the
presence of the car will be felt throughout the show by tire tracks,
sound of the engine, and wind but the car finally reveals itself only in
the end. (the show will start each time with a different car as the
inspiration for the visuals on the walls, sound of the engine and the
hologram.) similar wall installation will be outside the showroom where
the streaks of light will get triggered by tresspassers (person or car).