ps by lotte van laatum from netherlands

designer's own words:

In many companies nowadays people drink coffee from throw away cups. These cups are meant for one time use and their numbers are enormous. The cups are made from PS, which is a material with a memory. This means that, after heating, the material goes back to it's original shape and can be transformed again. The bowl is only made of more than 300 cups, other materials like glue or any other adhisive are not necessary. When the cups are heated and reformed into the flower-like shapes, the cups can be sticked together because of the heat.

The material is upgraded, the flowers do not look like plastic at all but have a ceramic appearance, the bowl tries to reuse a material by upcycling it instead of todays downcycling!

The bowl can be made in a social workshop. Making the bowl is easy and fun!

bowl PS; made of 300 used coffee cups

detail_bloem.jpg detail of the bowl

rebus.jpg proces