pure taste

pure taste by wen-haur yen from taiwan

designer's own words:

People nowadays are always busy--- busy for life, busy for work, busy for communication. Obviously everyone expends time as less as possible to enjoy food. Unfortunately most of us forget the real taste of them. Accroding to this phenomenon, we need to rethink the kitchen and then make it in a spiritual way as that people are able to really recognize the food and enjoy the cooking.

As the concept of “ZEN” in eastern, the movement involves with quiescence and the quiscence involves with movement. People could find the nature and their egos through the ZEN cooking.

The concept comes from “Lotus”, which means pure and fresh in Chinese. All stoves those are portable, floating on the water could be moved freely. When you cook, you don’t have to move your body rushly anymore.


copy_13_a2.jpg concept

copy_11_a3.jpg function