push pull door handle

push pull door handle by jure bencina from slovenia

designer's own words:


the initial idea of push-pull door-handle is to ease opening of the door simply by mounting the push-pull door-handle, without any interference with the door, lock or doorjamb. installation is simple, the same as classic handle.
classical opening of the door takes place by pressing the handle and then either pulling or pushing the door away. push-pull door-handle does not require vertical pressure on the handle, since it is replaced by the movement of handle in the direction of opening the door, thereby opening is much smoother and more comfortable.
the procedure is the same, when we are closing the door. handle is pulled or pushed in the direction of movement of the door, so the door closes.
this is particulary usefull, when our hands are not free (if we are carrying different objects, pushing wheelchair or bed, or we are limited by disability). it is already sufficient that we lean with the body to the handle and push the door.
it would also be possible to use this concept on fire doors, where push-pull door-handle could replace special hardware, that lets you push-open the door.
it is also important that push-pull door-handle preserves function of the classic handle whit a vertical movement.

structure, function:

the handle consists of two parts, internal, technical part, which is placed in the stem of door-handle, and holder, which can be designed in many different ways.
handle is classicaly mounted on the door, with no additional interventions to the door or lock.
the mechanism that enables innovative action is robust and assembled from a small number of parts. it consists of a central rotating axis, cubical framework for mounting other components, two leverages for trigerring a rotation of axis, and an outer casing.
push-pull door-handle works by pushing or pulling handle, which activates individual leverage and triggers the rotation of the axis. this opens the lock.
the spring of the lock returns the handle to its original position.


the handle is divided into two parts, the mechanism for opening, which is built in stem of the door-handle, and holder. the concept of push-pull handle allows the application of different types of handles, making it easier to use in different ambience.
grip of the handle is shaped accordingly to its application and technical requirements.
the presented design is minimalistic, robust and easy to manufacture.

in its robustness it hides well planned ergonomics, enables good hand position at all three possible manipulations with push-pull door-handle: press down, pull towards you, and pushing away.

explanation video

copy_2558_1.jpg render

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