redesigned dishwasher

redesigned dishwasher by fei ma from new zealand

designer's own words:

The inconvenience of the front - loaded door of dishwasher is considered as the main reason that caused all the messy dishes are left in the sink or on the bench top after cooking, this concept tends to solve this problem by integrating the dishwasher with both sink and bench. Four sliding drawers are applied, and they will be slid into sink for loading dishes. Meanwhile, Another way to load the dishes is from the top by sliding the top plastic door to open it. Therefore, during the cooking process, dirty dishes can be easily loaded into dishwasher either through the sink or the bench top, as a result, a tidy bench top will be left after cooking process, thus, people can enjoy dinner within a cheerful environment.

Meanwhile, the disadvantage of front - loaded door is also considered as one factor that prevents dishwasher to function as cabinet. This new dishwasher functions as cabinet after washing process, people can leave all the dishes inside this dish washer for next time use. Through this way, this redesigned dishwasher effectively utilize kitchen space and simplify daily routine in kitchen.

Sliding drawers into sink for loading dishes

copy_2_file2.jpg or load dishes from the top

copy_2_file3.jpg Meanwhile, the size of this dishwasher is reduced to give more space for cabinet.