Renault 4forever ClearCircle

Renault 4forever ClearCircle by Bernardo Basso from argentina

designer's own words:

It will be the first CIRCULAR ECONOMY car, because it will be manufactured using plant derived materials. It will use clean power plant.

t Will Be the first CIRCULAR ECONOMY car, Because It Will Be manufacturer using plant derived materials.


Using materials such as bamboo and linen fibers.


Paintings made ​​from oil and natural pigments. Plastics derived from plants that can be absorbed by the ground once discarded.


Electric power, using the recharged via solar cells.


renault_4ever_clearcircle_2.jpg Exterior

renault_4ever_clearcircle_3.jpg Exterior

renault_4ever_clearcircle_4.jpg Exterior

renault_4ever_clearcircle_5.jpg Exterior

renault_4ever_clearcircle_6.jpg Concept