ResoNet by william hailiang chen from uk

designer's own words:

Designed by Mark Francis Tynan & William Hailiang Chen
For the FRED 07 Event sponsored by the Arts Council

Contributors: Tai Hollingsbee, Francesco Anselmo,
Andrew Cowell, Patrick Tynan, Amr Assaad, Fred Pittman, Chong Boon Pok, Steve Messam.

ResoNet visualises the resonant frequencies inherent in the natural environment,
via the interaction of the public and surrounding elements detected by a LED net.
By using Low-Fi techniques ResoNet creates a cascade of light
triggered by the vibrations detected across the structure __

ResoNet's tensile web structure is stretched across a space, like a spider web.
A series of vibration sensors & LED circuit components are fixed
at key intersections on the tensile network, to detect minute vibrations as a
result of human and natural activity.
Be it a brush of a hand, or a passing breeze, the energy is converted
into light that resonates across the structure,
immersing the public in a cascading visual of flashing LED’s __

ResoNet explores the boundaries between nature, art and technology;
to create emergent physical & ephemeral conditions.
The experiment is to be exhibition as part of the FRED annual arts invasion
across Cumbria, UK (between 28 Sep-14 Oct 2007) __

ResoNet_ concept renders

copy_110_image2.jpg ResoNet_ concept diagram

copy_99_image3.jpg ResoNet_ prototypes for the Fred-07 exhibition