Sardines by estel_alcaraz from spain

designer's own words:

Sardines are folding rain boots that take up very little space. Sardines reduce the weight and volume of traditional heavy footwear.

The principal concept of this project is the water. Thus, it is done research in a quotidian object such as the water bottles. It is interesting to see how its volume is being reduced about 1/5 when bottles are useless. Therefore, continuing with this idea, it comes to my mind to make a rain boots able to be folded once they are not being used.

The design of this water boots is following the simplicity and minimal expression with subtle lines.
The boot is composed by three elements: the principal structure, the elastic band, which envelop the folded rain boots and the union between these elements.
In addition, it is important to remark that they are customizable so, users can select rubber and their colours.

One of the most important aspects of this project is the injection process using a recyclable mono material.
The election of TPU, Thermoplastic polyurethane, and the concept of folded rain boots are seductive aspects in the eco-design. At the same time, both improve the logistics management and reduce the environmental impact of distribution of Sardines.

The graphic image and the name are also created in correspondence with the water-object. The fact of the boots being completely folded, as the “estem com sardines”, a typical Catalan quote, which means that there is little space and thus, “we are shoved like sardines”.

Finally, all tiny details founded in the project achieve the attractive elements as sustainable packaging design.

“In order to the rainy days, with 800gr of sardines, have a special colour”

The concept: water bottles.
Sardines take up very little space
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Folding Sardines.
The volume is being reduced about 1/5
Simplicity and minimal design
Packaging and graphic image