Save&Safe by Seong jun Heo from korea

designer's own words:

Even when power supply to electronic appliances is cut off, the standby power accounts for 10% of the total power consumption. This power outlet prevents standby electric power wastage, as well as acts as safety measure to prevent children from poking long, sharp objects into the socket and being injured by electric shock.

Unlike other existing outlets, this outlet was designed to allow the flow of electrical current only when it is plugged in and the 'Save & Safe' is at a 45 degree angle.

When the electronic appliance is in use, it is plugged into the socket with the 'Save & Safe' turned to the right to turn on the power supply. When not in use, the 'Save & Safe' is turned to the left to turn off the power supply, thereby conserving energy without having to unplug and re-plug the appliance every time.

Full of curiosity and sense of adventure, a child is prone to safety accidents.
90% of all accidents involving electric shock occur when adventurous children poke objects such as chopsticks into the outlet socket.

By unplugging the 'Save & Safe', the switch returns to its original position to cut off the flow of the electricity to prevent accidents involving electric shock.