saxound wireless speaker

saxound wireless speaker by Syed Tajudeen from india

designer's own words:

Saxound is a unique concept inspired from some of the leading speakers in the world. It is a fusion of some of the best innovation that has been made already few years ago, with a blend of our own innovation. Thus making it a whole new experience for the people. The product itself stands for its best in build quality and assembly. It brings a whole new method of manufacturing technique, which will be way more efficient in today's standard. The core elements of saxound are the cylindrical shape and threading assembly. The dimensions of saxound is inspired from a regular compact disc of 13 centimeter of diameter ,and a height of 9 and half centimeter, which can be displaced by one hand. This speaker fall into the whole new category of speaker called the movable speaker with a minimal design.

Specific explanation,
(a). THREADS: The four parts are attached by threading and not by screws like other do. This helps in making the speaker more strong as it is a piece of rock. (b). COPPER CONNECTORS: The One button, Pentagonal module and the battery are linked by copper connecting tubes. This helps in giving a sturdy connection from the base battery. (c). SILICON SAVERS: The module is a fusion of hard bio plastic with shock resistant silicon savers. It saves the 5 drivers when accident occurs by not letting inertia to the drivers. 1. ONE BUTTON: The whole system has only one physical button which is used for numerous operations. 2. LED NOTIFICATION: A circular LED helps to notify the happening operation by either blinking or glowing stable. 3. HEX KEY SLOT: Hex key holes are placed in middle of the upper surface of the drivers module for having a hassle free removal. 4. ALUMINIUM MESH: Perforated aluminum cylinder is used to cover the raw module as well as acting as the outer body. 5. CHROME RING: It helps in bring a premium look and may even create an emotional bond between the consumer and design. 6. CIRCUIT BOARD: The circuit board is placed beneath the button thus giving it a closer connection to the drivers module. 7. PENTAGONAL MODULE: The drivers are assembled in a pentagonal row thus making the form factor more meaningful. 8. RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The battery is placed at the bottom of the speaker thus making it easy for replacement. 9. ANTI SKID GRIP: A rubberized and no-residue sticky material is used in the bottom of the speaker that can with stand nominal shakes and vibration. Thus making it more comfortable even on dash board.

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