scroll pan

scroll pan by sam hextall from uk

designer's own words:

Nearly every kitchen has a storage problem with too much room taken up by pots, pans, equipment, and white goods.
The Scroll Pan is a product which radically changes the way we perceive the regular frying pan. It folds and rolls and addresses the serious issue of storage.
Great for cooking omelettes, bacon, steak etc the Scroll Pan introduces more fun to frying. Folding your omelette, for example, has never been easier.
Different shapes and sizes as well as cooking surfaces would be available in the range and each pan comes with a storage sleeve which can be hung up.
The rolling base of the pan could be made in a number of ways. Diphenyl silicone (plasma treated and Teflon coated) would produce a heatproof and flexible surface. Safe to cook on, light, durable and easy to clean the Scroll Pan is a modern, stylish and fun addition to the kitchen.

Scroll Pan

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