sharing by Wonhyung Kim from korea

designer's own words:

Living together with shaRing bicycle. People can
be satified and felt the community spirit with sharing.
1.Lending free - Lend free shaRing’s bikes.
2.Being created the pedal energy-Eco - energy is created by shaRing bikes’ pedal.
3.Returning Eco-energy - Eco-energy and bikes are returned in the nearest lending facilities.
4.Giving back to nature - Being returned the energy to nature which people give back by the country.
5.The urban center into nature - “The park” where is our shelter and nature in the urban enter.
6.Using of being given back Eco-energy - It can be used for electric facilities such as the fountain,lighting fixture, sprinkler and so on.

main image

sharing4460848276514524460850896548054460846041547882.jpg concept

sharing4460848276514524460850896548054460846041547883.jpg application