simple by susannah clarke from uk

designer's own words:

SiMPLE is a new radiator concept. Silicone rubber is cast with silican carbide particles to increase its conductivity. It is then coloured and cast in a two stage process to incorporate any chosen pattern. This process has been proven with working prototypes. Hot water tubing is cast inside the silicone to produce what is effectively a soft, tactile, flexible mat which can be coloured and patterned as desired. The upper surface of SiMPLE is thermally conductive, the lower surface is cast from un-doped silicone, and thus thermally insulating. Silicone rubber can withstand working temperatures of 240°C.

The radiator can hang on the wall as would a piece of art. The tubing is narrow and densely packed, offering good heat distribution and allowing SiMPLE to be much thinner than any standard radiator.

SiMPLE construction

si2.gif SiMPLE testing and prototyping

si3.jpg SiMPLE in context