skinny cup

skinny cup by hyung moon choi from korea

designer's own words:

A cup is very important item for travelers, but sometime it is uncomportable to carry around.
Because of the size, shape, sanitary reasons and etc.......

'Skinny cup' is designed to solve this problem. Its material is silicon which is very flexible.
When you don't need it you can just put it in your pocket or hang it on your backpack.

To enjoy your tea you can inflate the 'Skinny cup' by blowing up with your mouth.

Skinny cup's tube structure makes itself very light and safety. Also it keeps the temperature of a drink so you can enjoy your teatime for long.
Morover it is easy to wash.

Skinny cup will make various benefits of design.

skinny cup

copy_1109_2.jpg skinny cup

copy_922_3.jpg skinny cup