sonic fabric

sonic fabric by alyce Santoro from usa

designer's own words:

sonic fabric is woven from 50% recycled audiocassette tape and 50% cotton. sonic fabric is not only strikingly beautiful and durable, it is also audible: the sounds contained in the weave can be heard by drawing a tape head over its surface. the current batch of fabric contains an experimental 4-track sound collage. a custom dress made for phish percussionist jon fishman was worn and “played” live on stage using specialized tape head gloves during a phish concert in april 2004.

sonic fabric was inspired by the use of small strands of cassette tape as wind indicators, or "tell-tails", on sailboats, and by tibetan prayer flags that have wind-activated blessings inscribed on them. in order to support the culture that inspired the creation of the fabric, a limited amount of the material is being hand woven and sewn at a womens' craft cooperative in nepal. i am currently in the process of having a line of monks' style bags made from sonic fabric.

sonic fabric can be used in fine art, fashion, accessory, interior, and industrial design.

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the jon fishman (phish) sonic rhythm dress

sonicshaman.jpg sonic superhero dress

copy_0_sonicchair.jpg chair upholstered in sonic fabric