sound bulb

sound bulb by darko miladinovic from slovenia

designer's own words:

The Sound Bulb is a speaker shaped like a traditional light bulb with a standard thread that can be used in any home lamp. The Edison thread (E26/E27)* is a standard that can be found in practically every apartment or house. Simply place the speaker in a lamp. Turn on the lamp, and the receiver embedded in the Sound Bulb connects to a transmitter plugged in any musical player (e.g., iPod, PC, mobile phone, etc.).
*Standards: E26 for the US market/E27 for the European market
This concept results from the problem of a constantly overloaded desk covered with papers, a telephone, a desk lamp, a PC or laptop, a keyboard, a mouse, and a profusion of various cables. When we sought a solution to this problem, a light bulb went on. A desk lamp is usually reserved only for a light bulb and, given that the current technology makes implementing the Sound Bulb concept possible, the solution was right before our eyes. The basic idea of a bulb in this case remains unchanged because two functions are combined in one: a lamp and a speaker.
The light bulb now consists of a protective wire mesh, or hood, a translucent frosted plastic shell, and the thread. Inside there is an LED diode, a transformer, a speaker, and a wireless receiver.
The Sound Bulb is an innovative sound system that can be developed into a completely new sound principle by using speakers of various sizes. Imagine a chandelier with Sound Bulbs. Their design allows quick transformation from a work environment to an entertainment environment, or a venue for a multimedia event.

Sound bulb

copy_351_02.jpg the idea

copy_287_03.jpg blueprint