SOUND CANDLE by Seokmoon Woo from korea

designer's own words:

What is the meaning of a candle to us?
Meditation, relaxation, festival, celebration... A candle is the most popular objet that makes change mood.
It is the same that a candle give a sensitivity to someone with lights and fragnance even thouh a candle

has a various form according to mood and a use.
We are aware of that sometimes a candle is in the space with music. A andle matches well with a music.
I would like that a candle exists as an another objet with a sound in our daily life.
Sound candle is the emotional speaker that has lights and fragnace.
The sound candle is composed of three section, light section and speaker section and aroma section.
A light is the important factor in a mood.
The light section glows the many colored lights according to a timbre.
The aroma section spreads aroma.
The sound candle of a tiny size has a wireless system.
So users use several sound candle at the same time wherever he or she pleases.
The interface is simple. When users blow the light section, the sound is on.
In opposition when users blow out the light section, a sound is off.
The boundary of a top even built a sensor, the volume is controllable.

sound candle

copy_0_sound_candle02.jpg sound candle

copy_0_sound_candle03.jpg sound candle