soundbulb by benoit collette from france

designer's own words:

Sound bulb is a smart audio system for the digital generation.
Using the good old process of transmitting audio signal via a home electric system( baby care system) , you can transfer your favorite sound to all the rooms of an entire house .
Plug your sound system (ipod-Hifi-Radio...) to the wall adapter and put one of the soundbulb in a lamp shade , magically you'll hear the music via your light fixture.
Revive an old lamp shade,an empty garden light or create a whole sound system in places you wouldn't expect.
The rubber membrane reproduce perfectly the sound ,it's more durable and allow color customisations.

An easily manufacturable evolution of the product would be to add some LED on the back of the rubber membrane to add a nice glowing effect to the product.

the soundbulb

soundbulb2bencollette.jpg how it works

soundbulb3bencollette.jpg how it looks