Sphoon by eleonora barbareschi from italy

designer's own words:

Sphoon is a new “tool”, a treat, a style, an object that defines a moment and a ritual tied to the act of drinking coffee, tea or any drinks. With its design, Sphoon transforms the mere act of stirring into a smart elegant and beautiful moment. Stirring isn’t merely an action, but rather a ritual, an exchange of energies, a motion that defines the time of a break. We can only imagine the loss of relaxation and gratification involved in drinking a good coffee, an herbal tea, or a cocktail, without the pleasure of stirring it beforehand. Sphoon is born out of the pure functional necessity to mix any drink. Sphoon takes over the circular movement of a spoon inside a cup or a glass, reinterpreting its significance and look. Behind its contemporary and catchy form, hides minimalist functionality. No extra decorations with Sphoon: what you see is what you need.

Sphoon with spoons.

copy_1_sphoon3.jpg Sphoon at rest.

copy_2_sphoon2.jpg Sphoon, inside cup.