Spine belt

Spine belt by halogen from poland

designer's own words:

Oakley is not only about the sport, its about life and the daily comfort. Based on this believe I tried to rich the basic issues which I can find in Oakley's products that I possessed. In this project I have focused on a casual comfort of belt users. Drawing from my own experience I can say that sports fans prefer webbing belts more than leathers one. Color variations are only limited by designers imagination, so find unique webbing belt which would be at the same time graphic piece of art and the little manifestation of our individuality is not so hard. But to make this belt live longer than two months is a different matter, truly hard one.

The main problem concerns the edges of the belt. When the webbing belt is threaded through the belt loops, the edges starts to curl up and the belt cutting into the body. Because of unequal spread of friction and adhesion webbing belt is becoming used and unwearable much quicker that it should. Consequence of the above is also quick wiping out the belt itself and fiber damages, brakes.

Looking for a solution to my own belt I figured out that I should look at the belt as I was looking at plastic mass waiting for the spine and rips, something that would not endangered the external beauty of used materials, but only will strengthen the webbing belt from inside.
As a prototype solution I used wire with the thickness of 1mm which I have interleaved between groups of fibers in my belt. I went vertically next to the belts edges and then strengthen it a little bit horizontally in the most crucial point - lumbar spot. My tests and trials shows however that the wire should has the same thickness as the fiber or a bit less in order to make everything more aesthetic and not loosing the graphics individuality.

Therefore I would search for very thin wire which would be interwoven with fibers. The wire which forms the backbones does both, stiffen the edges and provide uniform distribution of forces of friction and adhesion. That way we can use and enjoy Oakley's webbing belt longer and with greater comfort of casual wearing.

Spine belt

Spine belt
Spine belt
Spine belt