spiral by niklas löfberg from finland

designer's own words:

Spiral is an optimal outdoor lighting solution, as it uses wind to generate the required electricity. It consists of four main parts: pillar, generator, leds and translucent plastic shade. The translucent plastic shade, which is attached to a simple generator, acts as a vertical rotor. The generator in turn provides electricity for the leds which illuminate the rotating shade and it's surroundings.

Spiral is durable and ecological because power cables are not needed and wind power is clean. It functions well even in mild wind conditions, it is silent and does not endanger birds.

Spiral imitates nature as the changing wind conditions affect the brightness of its light to some extent. On a calm day the light is dimmer and in stormy weathers the light is very bright creating a natural link between the light and nature. If the light is considered as an important security factor or due to some other reason constant bright light needs to be guaranteed, a battery with a charger can be installed.

in use

copy_0_niklaslofbergled02.jpg how it works

copy_0_niklaslofbergled03.jpg from different angles