Sprinkle Bell

Sprinkle Bell by Dae-ki Hong from korea

designer's own words:

When most people have their meals, they often sprinkle salt or pepper on side dish.
Shaking ‘cans’ and adding seasoned food would make people relish their meals, even more and more.
“Sprinkle Bell” presents them a clean and crispy sound.
Having the form and method of bell, “Sprinkle Bell” produces the dynamic sound of ‘cans’ for seasoned goods, simultaneously at the moment of shaking axis in the process of shaking the handles in both right and left direction.
Then, the holes blocked by such axis, open, and at the same time, they play a role in sprinkling ingredients under the impact of strokes of cans by axis.
Also, the frequency of volume of bell in the course of using ‘Sprinkle Bell’ would help people adjust the right amount of seasoned food to be sprinkled, with ease.
Imagine the bell rings in ‘a small seasoned can’, when you go out for meal, on Christmas Day.
Such a small sound would certainly make you have nicer meals.
Bells of ceramic materials produces clear and crispy sound different from those of metals


sprinklebell02.jpg Structure & Elevation

sprinklebell03.jpg Other Details