"Stir up clouds" lamp by Aijan Kaldanova from kazakhstan

designer's own words:

We see ceiling and perceive its template. We imagine both in the center of the room hanging chandelier. But what if the ceiling can be completely luminaire and illuminate any point in the room. The main idea of our project is the lighting of the room at any point. This is possible due to setting up surface with bubbles lighting. It remains only to stir up the balls with stick and they light up.
The lamp is a balls scattered on a transparent surface ("second ceiling"). The man can control them with sticks from below. Moving it, we are confronted with each other balls and put the light on where you need it. The balls are made according to the principle of the Faraday flashlight, where light intensity is adjusted to the extent of their contact force. Depending on the force of the blow the lighting illuminates more brightly. At the core of balls embedded small magnets one pole. Thus, they repel each other.
The stick also has the magnet with opposite pole. Between stick and balls created attraction through
transparent ceiling. We can push the balls stronger, weaker.

Where are born , our senses, our feelings … We are waiting , we hope, we resolve the feeling that here ‘s what is going to happen … We protagonist in this scene , we have set in motion a mechanism , our hand movement … Our hands overclock clouds to come to light, to freedom, to the expanses of the soul … The feeling of fulfillment of something important , a sense that the world around you … You’re – the main character , you’re – creator.
"Stir up clouds" lamp
The main idea of our project is the lighting of the room at any point.
"Stir up clouds" lamp
We can push the balls stronger, weaker. We can drawing different.