stop being earth eat arian

stop being earth eat arian by shobhana hadap from india

designer's own words:

The graphic represents a hand as a tree trunk upholding a tree , with an integral globe symbol. The top left hand corner of the tree is seen eaten up. The philosophy behind this graphic is that each hand, each person is in a way responsible for this depletion or eating up of the earth- through use of ozone depleting products (shown is an aerosol), disposing or purchasing stuff that is not recyclable or an a larger scale- deforestation and lessening of green areas . The term we have coined is earth-eat-arian ( like vegetarian, non-vegetarian etc) Through this we can promote being an earth-eat-arian, by eating organic and natural foods and educate people on how not to be or stop being an earth-eat-arian.

earth-eat-arian symbol

im_not_eartheatarian1.jpg i am not an earth-eat-arian

stop_being_eartheatarian.jpg earth-eat-arian implementation