street cradle

street cradle by adar goldfarb from israel

designer's own words:

The project gives an answer for the instinctive need of a mother, although she is homeless and maybe even more because of that fact, to protect the new born child. This is the expression of the mother's desire to soften the transition from her womb to a world in which the infant will be the next homeless generation.
The cart functions as a tool in the livelihood of the mother and at the same time serves as a tool in the upbringing of the young infant up to the point when he or she is big enough to help her in maintaining their livelihood.
Until that time, the cart is a shelter of fantasy, warmth and tenderness that is limited only by the creativity of the mother.
The original baby seat is transformed, with a simple rotation movement, into a stand for changing diapers. The cart also allows each user to customize it to his needs by changing the wheels, adding breaks, different compartments and a roof rack.
The woven material in the construction can be made from old nylon bags, sponge remnants, or recycled paper, as shown here, that are entwined into strings.


copy_358_2.jpg Side view

copy_311_3.jpg stand for changing diapers