subway layout information

subway layout information by marcial ahsayane from belgium

designer's own words:

The concept is focused in information boards for Subway stations. The layout of each panel reports to the user two essential items. Firstly, the time reminding for the next train arrival. Secondly, inform to passengers of the travelling population for each coach. Each door has an electronic counter of persons. The counter records the passengers go up and go down in each coach. And, at the same time, it provides the information to all the lighting panels in further stations. More people inside the coach means less shine on the lights board. So, with this useful information the passenger can choose empty carriage in advance. And the fluency of passengers is more properly.

subway layout information 1

light_board_2_ahsayane.jpg subway layout information 2

light_board_3_ahsayane.jpg subway layout information 3