t bike: a public bicycle design

t bike: a public bicycle design by Jung Geun Tak from usa

designer's own words:

1. The T-bike’s distinct, iconic design makes it easy to spot on the street, which prevents vandalism and theft. The bicycle’s compact minimalism reflects the urban landscape of Seoul and the inherent challenges of mobility and logistics. 2. The bike’s folding handlebars allow for easy storage and additional security when locked into the collapsed position. It is easy to take the bike on public transportation and to park it in tight spaces. The embedded GPS will help to maintain the bikes in case of loss or theft. E-INK and EPD technology are used for the embedded monitor to display distance, service remaining time, and time used by riders. 3. Easy, on-the-go adjustability of the seat via a lever with the seat height index (indicator) allows users to adjust the seat height while seated on the bike.

Distinct and Iconic

tbike_takstudio2.jpg Efficient and Secure

tbike_takstudio3.jpg For Everyone