t bone electra

t bone electra by alp germaner from south africa

designer's own words:

T Bone Electra is a bridge between yesterdays bicycles and tomorrows new solutions to daily commuting problems.It is equipped with electric hub motor and batteries, which are available today.

Power assisted pedalling range upto 55-60km, engine power range alone upto 30km. Full charge in 2 hours.

The styling is inspired from mountain bikes and motorised hybrids. Wheels are at 20' aiming at a larger BMX in concept idea. High ground clearence allows for dual riding experience, for fun or commuting at difficult road circumstances.

It is a great commuter that offers style, motivates to ride and to go have fun.

t bone electra 01

tbone_electra_02.jpg t bone electra 02

tbone_electra_03.jpg t bone electra 03