table light:

table light: by jaroslava prihodova from czech republic

designer's own words:

The “Recyclers” is a project that comprises various designs for daily use and constructed entirely from recycled or repurposed materials. “Light Sucker” is the latest addition to the series. Approximately 380 white drinking straws create the lampshade; they are tightly placed between the wall of the base and the wall of the straw fixture, so their stability is determined only by tension within the straws themselves. This system provides diversity in shape and color, along with the freedom to use different colored straws and to bend the shade into various forms. All elements are mounted mechanically in that it can be easily replaced, altered, and assembled back together. “Light Sucker” is an interactive light that leaves space for individual taste, and ready to mimic changes in the interior. With a little creative ingenuity, we can transform u
nnecessary waste into life enhancing products, rather than blindly wasting resources. We can’t get rid of garbage but we can lighten the load, this project is my attempt at a worthy endeavor.

Title: Table lamp – “Light Sucker”.
Materials: drinking straws, plastic.
Dimension: diameter 205 mm( 8”),high 222 mm (8.75”).