tellerstories by gerber magdalena from switzerland

designer's own words:

Around a table we tell us stories - every plate tells another one.
Every plate tells a story - a plate story - and makes his users to story-tellers.
On every plate is another videostill to be seen.
The shots offer insights into sometimes intimate moments of the urbane life and provoke questions about the Before and the After. And soon, guests (around the table), hardly familiar with each other, are already in discussion.

The project "Tellerstories" should release new stories. Searching the borderline around voyeurism, rumors and their possible consequences.
The transient picture, the fraction of the second we call memory, combines with the everlasting material of the porcelain.

Every Videostill is printed with the Ceramic Laser Copy System, transferred on a porcelain plate and burnt with 1000 C and is therefore dishwashers-steady.

Around a table we tell us stories. Every plate is a unique piece.

copy_1_videostills_tellerstories.jpg Videostills in town, on the lake etc. are the base of the stories.

copy_1_tellerstories_expo_file.jpg Exhibition in the gallery verzameldwerk / Gent / Belgium