temporary grave marker kit

temporary grave marker kit by 1 from netherlands

designer's own words:

Temporary grave monument

The idea:
When someone passes away it will take a few weeks to months before a gravestone is ordered and will arrive. A difficult time for everyone, the grief is still fresh, and there is not a real mark at the grave where people can express their feelings. With the temporary grave marker kit people can create their very own temporary grave mark as long as they wish.

By using a set of precut letters, a brush and some chalk paint, you can transfer your chosen text to the surface. You actually paint the grass. The text will be visible for 2 weeks and will slowly wash into the soil. After this time people can re-apply the paint and create the mark again or in a different way.

The grave marker kit gives the ones who are left behind the opportunity to design their own gravemarker. Everyone can help design the text and help with the application of the paint to the grass. It creates a new rite for the family and friends who are left behind. Basicly your provide people a way to show the individuality of the deceased and express their grief in their own way.

What if there is no grass?
The chalk paint works as well on a stone/rock surface. It does not work on a dirt surface. A possibility is to buy Artificial turf or a roll of turf. Simple solutions you can get at any local garden center.
It is possible to change the label on the outside into another color or text. This will immediately give the box a totally different look and feel. Another possibility is to change the letters on the stencils in the kit to adapt to the language of the country.

When developing the grave marker kit I chose a low-tech and and a durable solution.
The cardboard used to create the packaging can be made from durable cardboard with the appropriate marks like FSC, EU Ecolabel etc.
The plastic used for the precut stencil letters will be made from 0,3mm Mylar. Pre of this material is that it is very durable and easy to clean. The material is recyclable and environmental friendly.
The chalk paint is actually the same paint as used for the marking of sport fields. This paint is, as claimed by the producer, biological friendly and made out of non-toxic materials.

The box and the paper can be manufactured by a packaging manufacturer.
The stencils if made from Mylar will be laser cut and ordered at manufacturer.
Glass jars can be bought in needed quantities at a whole sales/manufacturer.
Paint brush can be ordered in needed quantities at a wholesaler/manufacturer.
Pegs can be ordered in needed quantities at a wholesaler/manufacturer.
Chalk paint can be bought at a wholesaler/manufacturer.
All the contents will have to be assembled in a box. You could do this for instance in a sheltered workshop so that you create a social aspect in your production as well.

The project slowly developed over the years. The first steps were probably taken after loosing my brother at a young age and studying design. After an internship designing the crematorium of the future and visiting several funeral trade shows I felt change was needed. That was my drive to start working on the several funeral items. It finally developed into a collection called Deathstyle. The name Deathstyle comes from the fact that people start tot think and plan their own funerals at an earlier stages. They want their funerals like how they were, that fit their lifestyle. Their lifestyle is their deathstyle.

The actually grave marker when createdtemporary grave marker kitThe kit from the outside.temporary grave marker kitThe kit from the inside. temporary grave marker kitHow to use…