The better M

The better M by willem willemklerk from netherlands

designer's own words:


The better M

The meaning behind this symbol in short. The lower right corner of a Moleskine© together with the elastic closure forms a 'M'

The style is very minimal, clean and bold because of the reputation Moleskine©. They are known for their minimal notebooks.
The boldness of the logo is related to the bold attitude a Moleskine© book has

I've chosen the DINpro Bold as the ultimate typeface for Moleskinerie. It is a Sans-Serif font, but i thought that this font came closest to the 'M' symbol.

In colors, i also kept it simple. The main color i have chosen is 90% of Pantone Process Black. Because it's almost printable on every background color.
But sometimes it is better to do it in a diapostive way. That why i included some different colors.

With kind regards,
Willem Klerk

The main logo

moleskinerielogo2.jpg on a darker background

moleskinerielogo3.jpg on a light blue background

moleskinerielogo4.jpg on a dark purple background

moleskinerielogo5.jpg the making of

moleskinerielogo6.jpg different positions of the M-symbol