the drinking fountain

the drinking fountain by mizunova from japan

designer's own words:

1. The form of the water membrane 
The idea for this project came from a water bell, a phenomenon of hydrodynamics. When tap water hits a spoon, it creates a thin and transparent water membrane. But a handle of spoon divides water membrane and makes a slit. Based on this idea, we developed various target to make unique forms: butterfly, dragonfly, spider, cherry blossoms and arabesque will world-first debut. With the target with special spikes, a stream of water spouts in all directions from the center. The diameter of each membrane is 15 cm.

2.Water is a source of our life
With these targets, a water faucet can make a drinking fountain both at all times and all places. When we turn a tap on, falling water hits the target and creates beautiful membrane in a kitchen sink, washing stand and a bathroom. To make a butterfly of water in ten seconds, we need two liters of water flow. A look at this consumption of water tells us that the drinking fountain’s water comes from a very precious source. The drinking fountain is a metaphor for the harmony of man and his water environment.

3. Next-Generation fountains
Since ancient times, humans have communicated with each other, gathering around fountains and wells. Nowadays, the roles of the water place are changing with improvements in housing facilities and water and water supply systems. However, having the drinking fountain helps people to develop an intuitive understanding of the importance of water. Once the fountain was a symbol of living in luxury and comfort, we suggest that the present trend is for quality of design with economical consumption of water. Instead of using tap water, we can use pump 12 litter pomp per minute for water circulation.

Butterfly the drinking fountain Dragonfly [jwplayer config=”mplayer” width=”818px” height=”600px” file=””] video

the drinking fountain Spider the drinking fountain Flower the drinking fountain Aluhumbra [jwplayer config=”mplayer” width=”818px” height=”600px” file=””] video

the drinking fountain Lightup-butterfly