The flavor of sunshine

The flavor of sunshine by qingxiang ou from china

designer's own words:

The flavor of sunshine
1.The man-made sun sterilizes clothing and makes them smell well.
2. Round top and square base.

People love to bask the warm sunshine. Chinese people think that sun-baked clothing is sterile and they love the smells of sun-baked clothing. They believe that the sun-baked clothing is much better than that is dried by a washer. This washer offers the function of sun shining to provide user sun-baked clothing. A man-made sun is taking into use which can simulate the sun ray intension of the time 15:00pm (the technology is already available.) In this washer, the process of clothing washing will be washing, spin-drying, sun-baking.
traditionally, Chinese people believe that the sky is round and the ground is square. So the washer is designed to be round top and square base, just like a small universe. The small sun is shining within it.

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