the henry kloss evolution

the henry kloss evolution by sinnsykshit larsen from norway

designer's own words:

Henry Kloss is an important person for TivoliRadio, and I decided to design a clean and stylish billboard who shows "the Henry Kloss evolution", which features the radios from model one till model 10.

Model one is portrayed as a small radio while model ten is the biggest. This has nothing to do with their real sizes, it's a way to illustrate the evolution.
I used a real photo behind the illustration of model 10, this is to show the new model as it is, and to separate it from previous models.

The white, simple and clean design really stands out in a positive way, as a contrast to the chaos on Times Square, and it's no doubt it's a TivoliAudio billboard.

The billboard are also a tribute to Henry Kloss.

Henry Kloss evolution billboard

detalj_1.jpg Detail

detalj_2.jpg On Times Square