The light in the bubble

The light in the bubble by A. Ciappesoni from italy

designer's own words:

"The light in the bouble" is a new light concept designed by Andrea Ciappesoni in memory of Edison's ilament bulb. It's a led light source
with a bulb cutted from an acrylic sheet. The bulb is transparent when the light is off, but when you
turn on the light, you see the bulb's shape and the virtual filament designed inside it.
The light in the boubble has 2 different kinds of Edison terminals included into the box : E14/E27.
It’s light is directional top-down with a beam angle of 150°. In a room with some “Lights in the
boubbles” you can have a wonderful light effect with the dark ceiling above it, and the light under the

te light in the bubble – pendel
The light in the bubble
The light in the bubble
on the table