the o kitchen

the o kitchen by julio seleghin from brazil

designer's own words:

The integration of all compacted structures in a unusual and clean pattern makes the "O" Kitchen a highly environment transforming element in which it is installed and perverts the whole conceiving of an actual kitchen.
This inedited and compacted form with a high appeal of perfect combination between design and functionality composes
the futurist tone of this promising project that pursuits the status of sensation and desire of every gourmet: a complete kitchen built entirely in a sphere that literally guards the kitchen.
Open or closed, the "O" kitchen shows its double functionality: compact and complete and an excellent partition of rooms
with a real art installation touch, occupying a space of 210 cm high and 230 cm wide (460 cm when open); and requires just one socket to fully work.
In its central column, all the lighting and equipment power distribution converge in the "O" Kitchen: unified microwave and electric oven (1); refrigerator (2); dishwasher (3); cooktop (4); smell and steam exhaust (5); lighting (6); control panel with: internet access, mp3 player function, CD/DVD reader, digital cookbook, kitchen management software, built in sound system (7); cabinets (8); automatic disposal system (9); high temperature alert display (10).
The opening system is operated through remote control, considering that both sides smoothly open together due to sliding structures underneath. When closed, locking system is activated through an access code.
The "O" Kitchen: The freedom of creation has never gone that far.


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