the pacifier lamp

the pacifier lamp by tomas gabzdil libertiny from netherlands

designer's own words:

What is cool? First, here is a short story:
When one is young and seeks escape he/she might also end up hidding in the basement or in the attic of the house. There, things from the past are kept. One has to only wonder what's inside the box, underneath the rocking chair or what is that old dusty book on the top shelf. So, one opens the door into the darkeness of history and pulls down that notoriously known steel chain to switch on a single lighbulb. At that moment the whole space reveals its secrets...

Design: When I thought about a place or a situation where I should and actually would feel comfortable, two things came across my mind: the feeling of "the basement story" and a feeling of cozyness and comfort. I tried to put together those by choosing objects that most appropriately symbolize them. Hence:

1. A naked lightbulb in its socket with pull-down switch that we usually bump into in the basements,attics or closets of our parents or rather grandparents houses

2. A pacifier - a symbol of comfort, security and pleasure ... and in a kinky way of our first serious relationship

The final design is a mutation of both. It opens endless possibilities as to what color or graphics to use. What's cooler then that? Ice?