the pulp chair

the pulp chair by ido mor from usa

designer's own words:

this project recognizes the 'disposable culture' in which we live, driven by constantly evolving styles which emphasize the temporality of the products we surround ourselves with. the pulp chair sustainably responds to such a culture on 3 levels: the production, the system, and the afterlife. manufacturing of the chair utilizes the same processes as those of egg cartons (paper pulp slurry with water to bind paper fibers). in this case though, peet moss is also introduced into the mixture for added strength and promotion of biodegradability. the only biproducts of such manufacturing are water and steam, both of which are recycled into the system. as the product is designed and made entirely of packaging materials, it requires no additional packaging during shipment, saving excess material from the landfill. finally, after an estimated year of use, the chair can either be recycled into more pulp products, or literally torn to pieces and placed in your garden. with a little water it will quickly turn to food for your plants.

the pulp chair

system_new.jpg efficiency of space and transport

afterlife.jpg a happy afterlife