the street cart named survivor

the street cart named survivor by ing-tse chen from china

designer's own words:

This multi-purpose assembled tricycle is inspired by the sceneries of typical street lives in China.
Since the retail price of a new manual cargo tricycle is less than 40 USD, this tool is very popular among migrant workers, low-income famlies and elder people who don’t drive.
The SURVIVOR is composed of one foldable box with shading system installed on a regular tricycle to fulfill the basic needs of a city nomad: self-transportation, storage for private belongings and goods for sales, a simple taxi for local communities, at last, a little privacy and protection from weather at night.

The Survivor

copy_0_w0601_cart_file2.jpg Transportation & Small Business

copy_0_w0601_cart_file3.jpg Taxi & Shelter