The Typo M

The Typo M by sencer özdemir from turkey

designer's own words:

The birth of the ideas of pioneers are always is a competition, and witnessing this moment is something like to be a witness of the history. That is exactly what Moleskine is doing through all these years: being a witness of history, helping to form it, and protecting it forever in its pages.

Because of that; we are doing what Moleskine does all these years: Symbolizing these notepads that history and the future are both be written in. "The Typo M"s form and the ideas that associates it is just like Moleskine itself; a symbol of the new ideas that are beyond their ages. Every complex and different idea starts with a basic spark. "The Typo M"s basic and rectangular shape is just like that first spark; a beginning to another world that is far better than now. At he same time, "The Typo M"s reference to the hard cover of the notepad makes us think that a Moleskine's cover is also a gate to the realms of dreams. And the line that references to the notepad's protective strap is a symbol of Moleskine's role as an eternal recorder and also a protector of these brand new realms.

"The Typo M" is symbolizing everything that a Moleskine tells: The birthplace of the ideas that will live forever is the pages of a Moleskine.

The Typo M 1

moleskine_2_818x81801.gif The Typo M 2