the wave of life

the wave of life by noviant noé from france

designer's own words:

During the last decades, electromagnetic pollution tremendously increased in our daily environment. High-tension lines, radars, televisions, computers, antennas, cell phones, wifi and bluetooth : all these technologies induce an electromagnetic fog that floods us more and more every day : the electrosmog.

The W.O.L. is aimed at capturing the polluting waves emitted by surrounding devices, in order to recycle them into a new source of energy : the electroheat.

The W.O.L. is fitted with a large number of antennas tuned for different waveforms. Every wave is filtered, distilled and compressed, hence creating a sweet, cosy and environment-friendly warmth.

To anticipate the next heating methods is to take into consideration our environment's forecoming mutations : this is just what the W.O.L. does.

Sculptural and archetypal, the W.O.L. will be the symbol of one's desire to balance our society's technological excess, at once harmful and necessary.

the electrosmog

wol2.jpg the electroheat

wol3.jpg the wave of life