Trace by studioayaskan from uk

designer's own words:

Anticipation is about our expectation of the future, the desire of certain things from an unknown time. Every second that passes is an opportunity to affect this path before us, yet in this fast paced society, how many of us take action? Everything we do leaves a trail behind us, and lays a path ahead of us. Anticipation is nothing if left without action.

When we considered the theme of anticipation, we were naturally drawn to the concept of time. ‘Trace’ is a clock that uses UV light to invoke a colour change within a transparent photochromic solution. Every second, minute and hour is marked by a UV light beam that rotates around the face of the clock. This UV light triggers the photochromic change, leaving a trace of colour as time sweeps by. This solution fades back to transparent after around 60 seconds, leaving a trail that completely erases itself.

‘Trace’ is about visualising the present moment as it passes and leaves traces in our lives. There is anticipation in the colour change of the liquid, and anticipation in how it fades away. This is representative of life and the cycle of time – things come and go. Yet these events that fade away to the past, have laid down the path for the future. And if the future is based on our past, our anticipation for change should drive us to action in the present. ‘Trace’ is a reminder that in order to create the future that we anticipate, we must act towards it.

Photochromic pigment
Liquid paraffin
UV light
Clock motor

UV Light leaving traces
Hours – Minutes – Seconds Represented by different colors
Approximate time through overplayed colors