truly yours  [true re use]

truly yours [true re use] by inna alesina from usa

designer's own words:

Truly Yours [true-re-use]

The fact that we generate lots of trash, is no surprise to anyone. Surprising part is to learn how much.
Very small percentage of produced plastic really gets recycled. It is #1 and #2 resins, and those are mostly down cycled.
Most consumers are not aware of the impact of landfills. While in some places recycling is enforced by law, in others it is a choice, and thus need for education of the general public is a major struggle to overcome.
"Truly Yours" system allows recovery circle to become much smaller. Instead of recycling plastics through the conventional system, consumer uses it for production of the new item without re-processing.
There are two stages in making of these products:

1. Manufacturer would supply the design, basic parts and detailed instructions.
2. Consumer collects all required materials (ideally non-recyclable) and completes the assembly.

"String It" lighting would be made by the consumer from his/hers old CDs and safety rings from beverage bottles. Both items are not commonly recyclable. Consumer buys the kit with all wired components and detailed instructions. Instructions could include suggestions on alternative items that could be strung to make a lighting fixture.

Truly Yours,