twig light

twig light by mirko kisser from germany

designer's own words:

one twig light is jack, light and socket extension at the same time and available in different colours. connected to each other twig lights can form organic and flexible 2D and 3D structures. twig light is a little piece of single light, that wants to be connected to each others. its jack very fits to the two sockets, every twig light has. all twig lights connected in such chain get there power to light from only one twig flex socket or from a twig base source. so each twig light gives and takes as a social principle.
twig light very likes to illuminate in fresh colours. twig light likes to build complex structures as well as easy chains - every day in a brand new way.
once started, twig light chains have no end but multiple, because each twig light comes with another pair of free sockets.

twig light is powered by a bright warm white LED, woking voltage: 12 to 18 volts, transformer adapter plug

(c) 2006 mirko kisser | form tween produktdesign

twig light close up

twiglight2.jpg twig light 2d stucture

copy_16_6.jpg twig light 3d stucture