upcycling icon.

upcycling icon. by maria coimbra from brazil

designer's own words:

"Upcycling Icon".
We are very used to see the recycling icon, but recycle and upcycle are different concepts and there is a lot of difference between them.
Well, we thought that upcycling deserves a very attractive icon.
So, inspired in the recycling icon, we designed one and called it “Upcycling Icon”.
The idea was to bring high visibility to the icon, encourage the reuse attitude and serve as symbol in environmental motivational campaigns and on packages that can be reused.
Its design, with the arrows coming from a single center, suggests that an object should be reused as it is, but in many other ways.

upcycling deserves an attractive icon.

copy_0_animacao.gif Decide upcycling!

copy_1353_3.jpg a simple example…