urn for memorial ceremony on water

urn for memorial ceremony on water by Agnes Hegedus from hungary

designer's own words:

In the form of cremation burials were not just the usual live cultures for thousands of years. In the 21st century the number of buried cremation is increasing, because it offers cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution. My project gives an opportunity to the deceased watery place to rest.
I combined several types of clay and natural or recycled materials. I pressed this material in plastel negative forms. With a little bit more water I can glue the parts together with it's own material, so I don't use any synthetic ingredients. The components are easily available everywhere and production price is just a few euros. The prototype was fired at low temperature to get it strength, but also porous, so it resolves within a few days. Due to the form and the material, it slowly sinks in minutes, parts of the ceremony.

coverurn for memorial ceremony on waterprocessurn for memorial ceremony on waterdesignurn for memorial ceremony on waterprototype with candleurn for memorial ceremony on waterprototype with plaquetteurn for memorial ceremony on waterprototypes