uwabami house

uwabami house by Yosuke SAGOSHI from japan

designer's own words:

This is a new type of share house.
It has no static walls and roof, but instead, has movable boxes like furniture and very big transformable cover like a blanket.
Those boxes have carts and many variety of size; some has 2 stories, capacity for putting bed like a bedroom, and some is small, capable for putting some books and things of individual.
Some boxes belong to individual, and the other are for common.

Because those boxes are movable and the cover is transformable, the shapes and sizes of the space are changed depending on activity and motion of those residents.

1.By moving those boxes like furniture with him, one can make a space.
2.By gathering near those boxes, they can make a big space for activity of group like party and sports game.
3.By moving those boxes in some distances each other, they can make spaces which are opened but separated for activities like work and hobby.
4.By moving those boxes far from each other, they can make spaces separated and closed for sleep and activities of private.
5.By pushing down the cover, one can make a separation like a wall.
By pushing up the cover, one can make a void like a window.

With these system of space, people can live more dynamic and more interesting.

Spaces of this house are moving and changing by motion and activity of them.


uwabami house‘Takuma! Your girlfriend has comed!’ ‘Oh!! I have to make a space immediately!’ ‘Shall I move this there?’ ‘Yes. Please!’


Uwabami house final from Yosuke SAGOSHI on Vimeo.




uwabami house‘Surprised at this funny house?’ ‘Yeah. It’s very funny and lovely.’


uwabami house‘Let’s take a coffe break!’ ‘Sure, nice!’ ‘Ah, I want it too!’ ‘Me too!’


uwabami house“I will finish this scarf today.” “Oh! Again I’ve seen YouTube for a long time.”


uwabami house“Yes! I decided! Today I’m going to take a lest for a day. …….Ah, but I have to clean up the clothes! Ah, but now it’s evening so I can’t. Let’s read a magazine first.”