value added

value added by jan ziska from slovak republic

designer's own words:

“value added”
“value added” is a project composed of two levels. first level is an object - sculpture “sculpture as a parking place”, which present value added to infinity car. second level is an animation, which represent added value to object - sculpture itself. by this interface this artwork is being transformed to multimedia artwork, which was created especially for the topic “ performance”. video was created from different components of infinity product, and sculpture ”sculpture as a parking place” was also created especially for infinity cars. concept of the video is to support the object itself, where author has worked with the topic “performance” deliberately. sample of the video was created from available data for this competition. in case of realization, this video will be created by artistic video shots of real cars and their components taken by proffesional cameraman. alsou ambient sound backround would be created. we are open to any consultation about possibilities of creating the video.
concept of the project “sculpture as a parking place”
aim of this project was to create sculpture – design adaptation of parking place for luxury car. it can be situated in public car parks, also in business and shopping centres, garages, or as your own home parking place.
the phenomenon of automobile, as a part of our everyday life, is offering not just the utility function, but it is a presentation of our lifestyle and our good taste. and it is luxury car in particular, what presents wealth to public. and so in this ‘world of fortune’, where ‘everyone can afford to buy anything’ “sculpture as a parking place” is becoming a “value added”. therefore this luxury parking place supports the idea of presentation art in public places.
this project is aiming to owners of luxury cars deliberately, so they can “upgrade” their vehicle with this work of art.

the formal aspect of the sculpture is adapted to infinity design. the connection between car and its parking place should work as a symbiosis, which will enhance or glamorize both these products. formal inspiration for this object comes from art works of h.moore, f.diaz, a.kapoor, or j.arp.

the sculpture is made of epoxy laminate. colour is pearl white. in case of interest object “sculpture as a parking place” is available for sale or to lend. transport is not difficult it is one piece of weight 200 kg. a matte finish can be applied, for better projection compatibility.

photo of sculpture 01

copy_0_i02.jpg photo of sculpture 02

copy_0_i03.jpg installation scheme

i04.jpg vizualization 01

i05.jpg vizualization 02