vandal by vas obeyesekere mr from usa

designer's own words:

A need to make yourself unique. A need to rebel against the acceptable statutes of your parents. A need to be your own individual. These are the staples that make up the internal drive of a teenager. They also crave the acceptance of their peers, but seek alienation from others. This leads to the rise of a counter-culture within teenagers. Counter-culture is almost synonymous with the teenage years. It is important to note that within counter-culture, teenagers still strive to create their own unique entity. To be unique. Counter-culture, like the name implies, has roots in many things that are considered taboo in predominant culture. Images like vandalism, destruction, punk rock, and graffiti spring to mind. These ideas were the foundation of this product. The Vandal is a table that creates an outlet for teenagers to do what is taboo in current culture- carve into it. A carving tool is also hidden on the inside of one of the legs on the table. The table is created with bass wood, which is strong enough to be a table, but can still be carved into with a medium amount of effort. Basswood grain is also very short, so the carving will not be limited by it. The outside is also coated with a black stain that serves two purposes. It creates a contrast for the light bass wood when it is carved, and even more importantly, it makes the table look like an elegant piece of their parent’s furniture, which makes it even more prohibited to carve into. Lastly, every table will be carved into differently, so it caters to a teenagers need for expression, uniqueness, and individualism.


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